Cecil & Nicole

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Cecil Witt and Nicole Schild, Bagatelle 2004 © BarTab magazine

We started our BarTab at Bagatelle restaurant this month with Cecil and Nicole. After the bar cleared, we had a chance to chat them up a bit. June, 2004

So what’s your sign?
C: Libra.
N: Leo

Are you cute as a button? Cuter than a button? Or not as cute as a button?
N: Cutter than.
C: I’m a belt.

Key West working history?
N: The whole thing?! (laughing) Lets see, Thai Cuisine, PT’s, Adobe Gilas, Irish Kevin’s, and then Bagatelle – but I was never fired.
C: What about PT’s
N: Except for PT’s.
C: She was let go. (laughs) I started at Bagatelle… and then I was fired. And then I  worked a La Trattoria, then the Meteor and then I came back to Bagatelle. But I was only gone from here for like a week.
N: You had two jobs in one week?

New bar at Bagatelle?
C: Yeah, the bar used to be over there.

What do you think of the new bar?
C: I think it’s great. People like it, too.
N: And I look good behind it!

Favorite activity in Key West?
Customers: Drinking. You have to be honest.
C: Umm… drinking.
N: Trying to get laid.
C: That’s more of a sport than an activity. I like to scuba dive. I like to drink while I scuba dive.
N: Trying to make it to work on time.C: Trying to get Nicole to cover my shifts. That’s my favorite activity.

Off Key West?
N: I don’t know, I never get to that point.

Which came first to Bagatelle, Cecil or Nicole?
C: Me.
N: Which will last longer?… Cecil.

Hulk Hogan and Carmen Electra come to the bar at the same time and order the last Heineken, who gets it?
Together: Carmen Electra.

Drink of choice?
C: Espresso Martini.
N: Peppermint Schnapps.

Favorite dish at Bagatelle?
C: Sesame tuna.
N: Tuna tempura salad.
C: Oh yeah, that is good. I want to change my mind.

Any shameless plugs?
C: Yeah, I did Nicole once.
N: Yeah, I thought I liked Cecil once.

Cecil and Nicole can be found most night behind the at of Bagatelle restaurant, 115 Duval Street.

From volume 2  of BarTab magazine – June, 2004

Cecil Witt and Nicole Schild, Bagatelle 2004-Key West BarTab-volume 2


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